Hanjiang Huayang Solar Water Heater Factory was founded in 1991
After cooperating with Tsinghua University and introducing vacuum tube technology, Huangyang produced the first vacuum tube and the first vacuum tube solar water heater in East China and became one of the founding industry enterprises.


We improved technology and produced the octagonal water tank solar water heater in 1992,one year later we produced circular water tank solar water heater.


In 1994,we changed our company name to “Yangzhou Huayang Solar Water Heater Factory “and produced split solar water heater,which helped us to gain China high-tech and new products gold award,China the sixth new product technologies and new products gold award.


Huayang launched color drawing process and all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes ,our solar water heater won the title of the national new product in 1995.


In 1996,we created the first hot water project “Nanjing Peace Theater”,one year later we changed our company name to “Yangzhou Huayang Solar Energy Co.,Ltd.”


We launched the first automatic solar water heater ,patented technology and sell well. Besides ,we also launched the first country’s solar energy and building integrated community.After that we won the famous trademark in Jiangsu Province in 1998.


Huayang launched straight type solar water heater and plug-in type solar water heater in 1999.One year later we started using new VI logo and launched the balcony wall-mounted solar water heaters.


We launched the first generation of U type tube solar water heater and became the first national observe contract and trustworthy enterprise in 2001,Huayang also won thr title of “national customer satisfaction product” in 2002


Huayang three high tubes were successfully developed and pushed to the market ,we were considered as the “key national high-tech enterprises”by the ministry of science and technology in 2003.


In 2004 our name was changed as “Jiangsu Huayang Solar Energy Co.,Ltd.”,set up a lab in Shanghai with Shanghai jiaotong University.We are committed to research and development of high-end direct expansion solar heat pump water heaters and air heaters.


We won the title of “China famous brand”and”inspection-free”in 2005,one year later we won “Golden Solar Certificate”and became the first batch of China's solar thermal industry alliance vice president of units.Besides ,we launched new patented product”steam core heat pipe”.


Huayang won the title of “China Super Trademark”and the industry's first "China Environmental Label" green certification in 2007.

We won the title “ National high-tech enterprise”and became Industry's first government green procurement list of selected companies.Huayang launched enamel products.


We established “Jiangsu Huayang Solar Energy Group”in 2009.At that time CCTV《News Broadcast »reported that Huayang carried out the strategy of energy efficient and achieve industrial upgrading.Our brand“Huayang”won the bid for home appliances to the countryside.


In 2010 our pressurized integrative solar water heater system became the first one to gain the EU Solar Keymark Certificate.Meanwhile, our products have been exported to more than 50 countries,such as Italy,Germany,Singapore,South Korea,USA and Brazil,etc...


We launched pressurized integrative solar water heater and gain USA“SRCC certificate”. Meanwhile we won CCTV“China’s Annual Brand”and the highest award of national inventors the sixth “Invention Award” in 2011.

In 2011,Huayang cooperation with China government, provide Tanzania CY series solar water heater more than 600 sets, get the good reputation in their market.In the same year , we prodide HP series solar water heater to Australia.


Huayang Testing Center got CNAS certificate in 2012.Our brand upgraded again.


We launched “air energy floor heating” system,our new energy solutions help heating in South Area.Huayang won the "industry two decades Outstanding Contribution Award"in 2013


Huayang was elected as China's solar thermal industry alliance chairman of the unit in 2014.