Huayang was selected as one of Top 10 brand supplier in the field of solar system

Date:2015-05-15 14:12

  2014--2015 Annual Top 500 Chinese real estate development enterprises preferred supplier of brand selection results officially released, Huayang Solar Energy Co., Ltd.as a famous domestic solar brand enterprise,with its powerful brand influence and product reputation,won the industry professional and expert’s affirmation and praise.We gained high popularity and successfully entered to the top 10 list as preferred brand in the solar system.

  Huayang engineering products combined with buildings used for multi-layer building, high-rise building and villas.We got the praise from the real estate development enterprise in pre-planning and design ,construction in solar energy project. We are also good at installing and testing in solar energy system and after-sales maintenance work .In the poll results,Huayang was in the Top 10, which shows that we develop constantly in solar energy system.


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